Partisan Politics

It’s no secret that USA”s politics are characterized by the two party system’s inevitable power play. Unfortunately the Church gets so mixed up in these issues with each side caricaturing the other out of legitimacy. Here’s a plea for a shared vision for another kind of kingdom that also deals with our very real needs and concerns, but is oriented to a totally different kind of power…and a different kind of community life.

This isn’t a great piece of art. I’m putting it up on my website not because I think it is awesome, but because I have to remind myself that doing art isn’t about doing great art. It’s about practice, perseverence, habit, and problem-solving. A lot of mistakes and lameness is the only way to get to something good.  I’d like to try this idea again and make it more ambiguous, sketchy with more breathing room. I didn’t have time to work everything out on this one because I had to have something ready for an event and you simply can’t undo acrylic paint. Maybe doing art will teach me patience.

~ by Bethany Tobin on January 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Partisan Politics”

  1. you have the right idea sbout art.
    And these are not bad

  2. I believe that the two party system has been designed to divide and control. It is sad to see the church being hurt in this way, but there is hope in Christ’s Kingdom!

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